Evening Star Presents at Alberta Street Fair 8/13/16


August 13th 2016 • 12-5:45pm • Alberta Street Fair

An exciting line up of Evening Star artists and friends:

12-12:45 Fractal Duo
AnnaPaul and the Bearded Lady – 1920’s to 40s swing
2-2:45 Calming Kali (Debut!) – Groove/Jazz compositions on piano & percussion
2:45-3 Baksana – Busking belly dance brass band
3-3:45 Smut City Jelly Roll Society – Prohibition era jazz & blues
4-4:45 Martin Zarzar – Singer/songwriter guitar
5-5:45 Evening Star Orchestra (Debut!) – Hott, dance-able, big band

Join us for music, dance, food, fine arts, beer & wine tasting!


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