Evening Star Presents is a small production company/artistic collective directed by Paul Evans and Danielle Elizabeth- based in Vancouver, WA. We collaborate with artists and event organizers up and down the west coast, to create and support the performing arts.

We strongly value and support collaborative art-making. So many of the performers we work with are multi-talented… illustrators, poets, painters, musicians, dancers, sculptors, costumers, graphic designers & film makers… This website is our hub to showcase and share the wealth of expression amongst the ESP “team.”

Performance: We focus on presenting professional music and dance in the styles of Early American Jazz and Swing as well as traditional and contemporary music and dance within and around the Middle Eastern & Balkan genres. We do this with various projects, at events big and small through tours, short theater style runs, and stand alone shows. We work intimately with performing artists to create unique and engaging experiences for both performer and audience.

We welcome new collaborations with artists and patrons alike! Please contact us at: EveningStarPresents@gmail.com

Mindanao 1.7.2012

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